How to post ads on Facebook and make money?

How to post ads on Facebook and make money?

I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook ads before while browsing through your feed. Those things that say sponsored and are disturbingly accurate when it comes to your interests? Yeah, those are targetted Facebook ads. Do you want to know how to post ads on Facebook and make money?

Nowadays, with over 1.6 billion people using Facebook daily, and a still-growing userbase, Facebook is a great place to start making money. Although there’s a lot of ways to earn some income with Facebook, I’m going to focus on Facebook advertisements.

What are Facebook ads?

A Facebook Advertisement is a sponsored post coming from a business Facebook page. It is targeted to very specific people, based on their preferences and pixel triggers.

Let’s say someone likes coffee-related page, they can be easily targeted with coffee-related products.

Facebook ads allow you to specify your targeted audience, meaning age, gender, preferences, living area, and many more.

Oh, and about those pixel triggers…

What’s a Facebook pixel?

I’m sure that at least once in your life you’ve had this situation when you look for some product, let’s say shoes, online and suddenly after few minutes you start seeing shoe adverts on most websites, just as if they were targeted for you. 

Well, it’s because they are.

That’s pixel’s job. They gather data on what you were looking for and help advertisements be targeted to suit your needs.

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on a website to gather Facebook user’s data when they enter your website. For Instance, when one enters a certain website which runs a Facebook pixel, then they start seeing ads of that particular website on their Facebook feed.

This is an incredibly useful tool if you want to retarget people tho have visited your website before.

What’s a Facebook pixel?

How to start with Facebook advertising?

To start advertising on Facebook you’ll need: 

  1. Business Facebook page

You can easily set one up for free. Google it or simply search Facebook for that option. They have a great guide on how to set up a Facebook page.

  1. A product

Any product you’d like to sell to people. Of course, this doesn’t mean physical products only. A Facebook ad can urge its audience to read a certain blog post or to like a certain page on Facebook. 

  1. Some money

How much? Well, it depends on the scope of your project. You need some money to start a Facebook advertising campaign. Depending on how many people you’re targeting or for how long the campaign lasts, you’ll need a variable amount of upfront capital.

How to start with Facebook advertising?

How much money do I need to start a Facebook advertising business?

You can post your first advertising campaign with as little as $5.

Obviously, this isn’t going to pay for a lot of ads, but if your budget is scarce you can start from  $5.

The amount of money you’ll need to invest in advertising is dependant on the audience you’d like to target. Some audiences have higher CPC (cost per click) than others, meaning they are much more likely to buy stuff from advertisements. This is only dependant on the audience itself, meaning you can’t affect this in any way. 

For instance, A 18-25-year-old male is much more likely to buy a skateboard than a 45-60-year-old female. 

If the CPC is high, you will only get a couple of adverts for $5, but they are more likely to convert (get sales).

If the CPC is low, you can buy a lot of adverts for $5, but they are less likely to convert. 

It all comes down to you personal situation, and there’s no “one best option”.

However, I’d start with around $20-$50 for a campaign, to see if things are working out for you. 

What to advertise?

It depends on your type of business I suppose. Advertise what it is you’re selling.

In the case you’re not selling anything, meaning you don’t have a business or a product, there are a couple of ways to go about this.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s product for a commission. You can either reach out to the product owners directly or use an Affiliate network such as Clickbank, which does this for you. 

Most affiliate products already have sales pages and advertising resources, so it’s easy to jump right in and set up a Facebook ad. In fact, many affiliate programs come with a pre-made set of ads for you to use.

Affiliate marketing is itself a huge topic, way beyond the scope of this article, So I suggest you read this article about it. <LINK>

If you’d like to know more about how to utilize affiliate marketing along with Facebook ads, Go ahead and read here <LINK>

  1. Become an SMMA agent for local businesses

SMMA stands for a social media marketing agency. This means you are a guy who sets up marketing campaigns for local businesses who either don’t have the time to do this themselves or don’t know how.

This can be really profitable, and we’re speaking like $1000 – $5000 / month per client. 

Obviously it is a responsible job and requires you to be a marketing expert, but you don’t have to go pro right away. 

As a beginner facebook marketer, you can reach out to local businesses like, say, gyms, and offer to run a Facebook advertising campaign for them, which they pay for, and pay you for doing this.

Click here if you want to read a full guide on starting an SMMA.

  1. Advertise your website to get more page views

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You post a targeted advert of your website, and people click on it if they find it interesting. It is much easier to get people to click on a website than to buy stuff, so these are usually pretty cheap compared to others.

If you wish to learn how to sky-rocket your pageviews using Facebook ads, click here.

Is it worthwhile?

Yes, it is. Facebook Advertising is a great way to start making money online even if you’re not experienced at all. 

You can invest any amount of money you wish. There have been stories of people who scaled a $5 campaign to thousands of dollars of revenue.

I believe Facebook ads are worth taking a shot. So many people use Facebook every day, and with the tools, Facebook offers you can target very specific people.

How to post ads on Facebook and make money? Watch FB Ads in 2020 – From beginner to expert in one video


Facebook advertising is a niche you could spend months researching and reading about. It’s practically impossible to cover everything in one single article.

That’s why it was rather supposed to serve as an introduction to a wide array of possibilities that Facebook Advertising offers.

Running an ad campaign is a challenging task that requires quite a bit of preparation, that’s why we would be more than happy to help you with the journey. 

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